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How to Have a Healthier New Years

December 31, 2019


How to Have a Healthier New Years

Sure, tomorrow is the beginning of a new year and a new you; and the start of all your resolutions! But how you party on December 31st, can set you up for either a fresh start or a rough morning, and can make hitting the ground running on January first, a bit of a crawl of regrets. Here’s Macro-Plate’s top 5 tips on keeping it healthy, while still having fun this New Years!

1. Eat Dinner at Home

You may think you’re saving room for snacks and champagne by skipping dinner, but you may be setting yourself up for a crash and binge later! Eating your normal healthy dinner (especially those perfect Macro-Plate meals) just before the big party, will help you make better choices as the alcohol starts flowing, and lowers your likelihood to cave to something naughty later. Enjoy a bite of your host’s delicious home-made goodies, but don’t stand near the snack table! You’ve got this.

2. Stay on Your Feet

Whether you’re out at a bar, at a friends party, or staying home with family, one way to stay active is to never stop mingling. Not only is this great for your step count… you’re more likely to eat and drink a healthier amount, and destined to have a much better time.

Run out of people to talk to? Help the host! Offer to wash dishes. Start a dance party…

3. Drink Kombucha Instead!

Bless the Booch! This fermented tea wonder drink, formally known as kombucha, is all over Los Angeles these days! Beautifully bubbly and slightly sour, kombucha is full of gut-loving probiotics and has barely any alcohol. No really, like .03%. Drinking kombucha instead of your usual cocktail or beer, or just swapping it out for 50% of your evening’s beverages, is a great way to feel festive and fun without the huge hangover. Because no one wants to start their resolutions when they feel like crap.

4. Bring a Snack

If you know you’re the type of person to hit-up the drive-thru after a big night of drinking, do your future self a favor and bring along a snack for just that purpose. Make sure it’s something that your boozy brain will actually want to eat, and won’t just ignore as “boring”. A little bit of raw cheddar, roasted almonds, olives, or pita and hummus may be dense in calories, but that little snack is way better than letting it all go and caving to fast-food cravings. Plus, your Jan 1st, 2020-self will thank you!

5. Stay Positive!

2019 was a rough year for a lot of people. It’s true. But no matter what happened in 2019, use tonight as an opportunity to focus on the best, and make peace with the worst. Keep smiling and focus on the good things. Keep your social conversations light and share what you’re grateful for! Not only will this make you more fun to be around, but it will also boost serotonin in your brain! Keeping things positive is also great to make sure you don’t end up triggering some bad juju and end up over-drinking or eating to make up for it.

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