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Why Meal-Prep?

August 14, 2020


Why Meal-Prep?

It’s official! Meal-prep is the single most effective tool for successful health and weight-loss in America. But why? It’s not as easy as just “healthier food”. From cooking at home, to tracking, to consistency, the benefits to your health (whether mentally, physically, or financially) pretty unbelievable.

lose weight with meal-prep

We’ve Got a Problem

Look, modern life is busy. Whether you’re working 2 jobs, raising 3 kids, or managing 4 businesses… we’ve all got full plates these days. And with less and less time on our hands; having someone else cook (whether it’s delivered by Postmates, or in the line of your secret guilty-pleasure drive-thru) is more and more tempting. Spoiler alert: We don’t blame you. We’re a company that cooks and delivers for you, so we get it.

But turns out your last-minute choices from fast-casual, drive-throughs, or other high-sugar, high-processed snacks, are not the best for you. Sure maybe some people can afford to order a $20 vegan salad everyday… but let’s be honest, that’s a lot to pay for lettuce.

So, why is meal-prep changing the landscape of lunch?

Benefits of Meal-Prep

save money with meal-prep

It saves you money.

Yes, this one is obvious. No matter what lifestyle you choose, from plant-based to paleo, it’s always cheaper to meal-prep! Even if you’re lunching with co-workers at the cheapest fast-casual place near the office, you know you’re always spending somehow between $15-$20. Broccoli, rice, and chicken made at home? $4. It adds up. Sure, a Big Mac is cheap, but you end up paying in other ways. Meal-prep means you never have to make that choice.

Staying healthy with meal-prep

It’s better for you.

Duh. Especially if we’re talking fast-food, this one is pretty obvious. What’s less obvious is the hidden stuff in those fast-casual “healthy” chains. Even if the base ingredients of your meal of choice look healthy, the processed oils, preservatives, and added sugar in things like marinades, glazes, and sauces can be really bad for your health long-term.

Meal-Prep benefits

It’s better for you, mentally.

We know this might sound like a stretch, but it’s true. If you’ve been in the health & wellness community, or on your own personal journey for a while, you know that true change always starts and ends with a a healthy mind. Structure, routine, habit, and order, whether we know it or not, gives us peace. In a world full of stressers that are out of our control, many people find having this one element of your life predictable and secure, a huge relief in their day.

Not to mention if you’re someone who has struggled with disordered eating, portion-control, or any obsessive/negative relationship with food in the past, simple structure and trust can do wonders for your confidence.

You lose weight faster.

No, that’s not just with extreme low-cal, low-carb meal prep. No matter what your diet, high in carbs, high in fat. 1,300 calories or 4,000, intermittent fasting or six meals a day… all nutritionists will tell you, consistency is key! Your body is smart, adjustable, and want’s to be healthy! The simple act of keeping your intake consistent literally trains your body into a routine, which drastically accelerates all the health benefits of cleaning up your diet.

So why do we fail?

So, if it’s so amazing, healthy, cheap, and life-changing… why would anyone stop meal-prepping? Two reasons. It’s too time consuming. Depending on how complex your meals… some people spend 4-6 hours per week prepping their food. Which brings up the other problem…. it can be repetitive! No matter how committed to health we are, sometimes you just want variety and adventure in your diet.

Oh…. hey there.

That’s where MacroPlate comes in. We cook heathy and delicious meals that consistent in calories, macros, and nutrition, to maintain your balance, but exciting and varied enough to maintain your love of great food.

We have over 200 recipes!

Imagine having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner be totally different everyday of the month while still having that consistency that your mind and belly need to keep your wellness working.

All our meals are home-cooked in our kitchen with simple, fresh, high-quality ingredients and portioned out to fit your exact specifications.

Delivered Daily

Unlike other meal delivery companies, MacroPlate delivers fresh cooked, never frozen, home-cooked macro meals to your door EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Yeah, already in a lunch pail, so you can grab and literally go!

With MacroPlate you literally get the best of both worlds. The tasty guilty-pleasure convenience of eating out everyday, (not to mention the 4-6 hours of free-time you get back on the weekends) AND the healthy, perfectly-portioned, budget-friendly, sanity-saving benefits of an avid meal-prep regime.

Add in our add-ons like cold-brew from Stumptown, cold-pressed juices from Pressed Juicery, and our handmade protein-packed baked goods and you’re literally taken care of from morning to midnight. Learn more here.

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