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How to Get Back on Track After A Big Holiday Meal

November 27, 2020


How to Get Back on Track After A Big Holiday Meal

So… you overate yesterday. Well, we’ve got good news… you’re not alone. We all did! Sometimes losing your balance for family, friends, good times, and great memories are part of a balanced life. Holidays are magical times, but getting back on track can seem impossible for some.

First step.

Don’t think or talk negatively about your meal or how much you ate.

Even if it’s just a thought, this actually sends stress hormones to your brain which activates your need to soothe (which down the line may be the moment you say “screw it” and go really off track).

Be cautious of your words in your head, and also to others around you. A beautiful night shared with family can be overshadowed by negativity if everyone acts like they’re regretting it the whole next day.

Focus on the positive. “That was so delicious.” “What a treat that was.” “Your potatoes were incredible.” or if you truly don’t feel well… “the richness of food doesn’t agree with me, I think I’ll eat a little lighter today.” You’ll be amazed at how your positive mindset changes your day, and the moods of those around you.

Continue to eat mindfully.

Don’t FAST. Now there’s nothing wrong with skipping a meal time if you’re genuinely still stuffed. It doesn’t matter if it’s 8 am or 1 pm, when you have your first meal, don’t force yourself to eat if the tanks still full, but avoid fasting or cleansing or punishing yourself in any way. Eat when you feel hunger and fill yourself with natural foods like fruit, veggies, eggs, proteins, cereals, and healthy fats.

Drink water.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know you’re sick of hearing this. But 80% of Americans don’t drink the recommended amount of water daily to keep their body running well. And it’s such an easy thing to do. Lazing in front of the tv? Instead of another cup of coffee, get a big jug and a straw and work away at it while you and the family cuddle up on the couch. Bonus, it’ll help last night’s dinner move through you.

Get some exercise.

No, I don’t mean punish yourself at the gym, or kill yourself with some long, hard, workout. Do something fun that you enjoy alone or with people you love. Whether that’s a simple walk, a bike ride, a hike, kayaking, or lifting weights doesn’t matter! Keep your mental attitude positive and move your body.

Make a plan.

Are your in-laws still in town? Are there still leftovers? Are you on a covid stay-cation? Maybe it’s not possible to get 100% back on the lifestyle you were pre-holiday. And that’s okay! Let loose of the reins a little bit and make some space for life. The most important aspect of any lifestyle change is your mental health and balance. So if you can’t meal prep or do your normal routine, make a mental plan that you’re comfortable with and stick to it.

Remember to enjoy yourselves and live a little!

Happy Holidays!

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