How to Have a Healthy 2020 Thanksgiving

November 26, 2020


How to Have a Healthy 2020 Thanksgiving

2020 has been an intense year. With all it’s ups and downs, chaos and tragedy, it’s also a year where it’s incredibly easy to be Thankful. Whether you’ve found gratitude in your family’s health, your job (or your free time), the beauty of getting outside for a walk, the heroism of our doctors and nurses, or the helpful hand of food delivery… 2020 has definitely highlighted what’s most essential.

One thing that’s hardest about this year though, is our inability to gather and be close to the ones we love. Thanksgiving is often a stressful holiday, full of in-laws, and big birds, cooking times, and screaming kiddos… but this year it has a whole different series of issues. Time-zones, zoom calls, cooking for two.

No matter where you are, or how you’re celebrating this year, here are some of our tips for a happy, healthy 2020 Thanksgiving.

1. Zoom Cocktail Hour

Setting up cameras for every bite of Turkey and eating next to your laptop may not seem like a great way to spend your meal… but connecting with family is still a big part of the day. Try to line up a cocktail hour with your extended family to chat and celebrate what you’re thankful for this year.

2. Dinner Al Fresco

If there are some select friends and family you can meet up with in person, try to take the party outside. The open air is better to stop the spread, and it also makes for a great excuse to use your backyard and create some memories.

3. Get stuffed on Veggies

With less people than you’re usually cooking for, you may find that you have way more food than necessary. With Thanksgiving already being an overindulgent holiday, and 2020 being the “screw it” of years… it’s going to be easy to overeat and make you feel sick. First of all, if that’s what you want to do… go for it. It’s a holiday. But if you’re looking for a way to feel a little lighter, fill your plate with veggies and go light on the potatoes and cheesy, creamy bits. Veggies are much lighter in calories by volume and you’ll end up feeling just as full for way less calories.

4. Go on a Walk

Feeling full post-turkey? Encourage your friends and family to go on a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Not only will it help your body digest, its one of the few activities we can do these days!

5. Create a New Tradition

With so many things being different this year, it can feel like you can’t celebrate the way you used to. Might be time to create some new traditions. Miss watching football with your whole extended family in one room yelling at the TV? Well what about playing football with your friends and neighbors.

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